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Christina B

So far, I have had a total of four sessions using this new treatment methodology of magnetic resonance fields. 15 minutes into my very first MRT session, I felt as if I was resting in the arms of a nurturing caregiver, and as time passed on, I felt as if I was getting into a meditating state. Later that night I slept a total of 9 hours, which I have not been able to achieve since my early teens. I also learned that the electromagnetic field also influences our etheric body that is, our immune system and thus, homogenizes our entire etheric aura. Consequently, after each session I felt changes on the physical, emotional, as well as mental etheric levels. Overall, at a psychological level, I am more content, have much improved concentration as well as motivation to get things done. In addition, my ability to differentiate physical perceptions (i.e., hearing) have improved notably as well. I definitely feel that this simple noninvasive form of therapy not only improved my overall wellbeing just after four sessions, but also strengthened my perception of self-control and self-competence. Thus, I highly recommend magnetic resonance therapy to those who rather seek alternative methods to heal.

Manuel Melendez, MD, CIME, CPI, D-ABPN, D-ABQAURP
Forensic Examiner for the 11th Judicial Court Forensic Physician at South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center, Independent Evaluator for the Division of Disability Determinations of the Social Security Administration, Medical Director at Elemental Behavioral Inc.

When I worked with Dr. Denkerova I saw in her so many qualities that made me proud to be part of the same team. She is a very compassionate and dedicated professional who would always do that extra mile for her patients. Not only that, as she was also conscientious, and very knowledgeable. In addition, I was impressed by her honesty and insight as she would recognize when she did not know the answer and that motivated her to engage in a thorough research to look for clarification and scientific growth. This would result in her producing a vast array of data that resolved the original issue and benefited the whole multidisciplinary team. On the other hand, as a human being she cultivated in her personal life so much love for spirituality, meditation and respect for nature and transmitted positive, powerful and empathetic messages in her conversations. Those become healing agents by themselves and I was honored to have witnessed those effects in her patients. Dr. Denkerova demonstrated her will to always excel, master and do a great job. She would never get short of ideas, choices, opportunities and interventions to offer and would even think out of the box if the case deems necessary. As a colleague she was a delight to work with as she would spur motivation and efficiency in our field. She is the kind of colleague that would cultivate only a harmonious interacting and would have a smile in her face to facilitate collegiality. The community is gaining a tremendous asset when she started her private practice. She is the kind of doctor that has all the skills and is determined to make a difference. A difference in the lives of her clients.

Anna B

I was a little skeptical about the new MRT treatments that Dr. Jeanette Denkerova is offering in her office but, because I have faith in Dr. Denkerova, I gave it a try. It did not take long for me to understand a little of what this can do for me. I began to relax almost immediately after the treatment began. I could actually feel my heart rate start lowering and then I went into a semi sleep that was very restful. As to my background and why I needed this - I have a anxiety disorder and in the past few weeks have changed jobs and sold my house. Those two things had driven my anxiety levels up - made me cranky, short and defensive. My heart rate made my chest feel like my heart was going to pound out of it and I have been so incredibly tired and depressed. The day of the first treatment I almost felt giddy! That evening my Mother asked if I had had a drink and I haven't had a drink in 29 years! I believe that everyone had become so used to my negative attitude that they were actually shocked at how good I was feeling. Suddenly the little every day irritations that come at you daily- sometimes constantly - have not been so overwhelming. They just roll right off my back. I can't say that nothing can get me going but what a difference a treatment makes! I have signed up for a series of these treatments and have had four so far. I can tell you that the difference is that I am dealing with stress in a more measured way. I am not eating everything in sight nor have I screamed at any cars cutting me off. My co workers and husband seem to be surprised at how even keel I have been and I don't have to feel remorse every time I open my mouth. My sleeping has definitely improved and I feel rested. In closing, I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone dealing with the stress of life, which is everyone! Thank you.