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What We Do

Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MRT)

Magnetic Resonance Therapy utilizes an individualized approach to stimulate your Vagus Nerve and your brain. Its primary goal is to balance your Autonomous Nervous System with the end results of balanced brain and achievement of homeostasis of your body.

It is non-invasive and completely customized based on the patient and involves no pharmaceuticals. During your session you may experience deep relaxation or may fall asleep. The results of each session are cumulative and you will achieve optimal level of well-being with minimum of six sessions within first two weeks. As no two individuals are the same, they may require different treatment protocols or different number of sessions even if they have the same symptoms or feel the same way

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Coaching to Fertility

Jeanette Denkerova, Psy.D. has performed numerous psychological evaluations for prospective parents, surrogates, and egg donors.

Fertility Related Evaluation and Services

  • Surrogate Brief Psychological Evaluation:
  • Egg Donor Psychological Evaluation:
  • Psychiatric Evaluation performed by Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Intended Parents Psychological Evaluation
  • Egg Donor Extended Evaluation including Personality or Intelligence Testing
  • Professional Consultation Fee to the Intended Parents if Psychiatric Evaluation is needed
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Coaching to Success

Dr. Denkerova’s ultimate goal is to get you where you want to be rather than discussing ongoing crises and unhappiness of your present or past. While your past may be briefly discussed for the purpose of getting your dreams to become a reality the focus will be on helping you to breakthrough any obstacles to achieve your ultimate dream and to fulfill your ultimate potential.

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Psychological Evaluations, Psychotherapy & Counseling

Dr. Denkerova is qualified to provide you with diagnostic evaluation, psychological assessment, and psychotherapy for individuals, couples or family. She is certified as Clinical Trauma Professional.

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