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Psychological Evaluations, Psychotherapy & Counseling

What We Do

Family Counseling, Therapy & Evaluation Services

Family Counseling, Therapy & Evaluation Services and Fees are as Follows:

  • Birth Parents Reunification
  • Egg Donor, Surrogate, Intended Parent Therapy and Support
  • Infertility Related Anxiety or Depression
  • Adoptive Children or Parent Adjustment Difficulties
  • Adult or Adolescent Adjustment Difficulties related to being born via Assistive reproductive Technologies.
  • Pre-Post Divorce Adjustment Difficulties
  • Same Egg Donor Sibling Reunification

Initial Intake Session: $350.00

Follow Up Session (1hr): $195.00

2 Hour Session: $390.00

Gifted and Psychoeducational or Personality Testing for Children, Adolescents or Adults Fees are as follows:

  • Gifted Testing: $600.00
  • Comprehensive Psychoeducational Testing for Schools: $2000.00 (This testing is required at IEP and 504 meetings for schools and universities to receive accommodations such as receiving more time on tests or assignments.)
  • Personality and Diagnostic Testing: $600.00 (This testing is a way to better understand oneself, or for parents to better grasp their child with emotional difficulties or problems adjusting. A report is included with therapy suggestions.)
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Family Counseling, Coaching, & Therapy