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Coaching to Fertility

What We Do

Coaching to Fertility

Coaching to Fertility is another way to add to your overall wellbeing and successful achievement of giving birth to your dream. Structured bi-weekly sessions for period of either six or twelve weeks prior to your egg retrieval or embryo transfer will strengthen your mental health, increase positive thinking and give you a needed support during your journey to fertility so you can achieve your goal of reaching the best outcomes. Dr. Jeanette not only understands the process based on her training but also from her own personal in-vitro journey experience.

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Commit to a Great Journey to Fertility

Fertility Related Evaluation and Service Fees are as follows:

  • Surrogate Brief Psychological Evaluation
  • Egg Donor Psychological Evaluation
  • Psychiatric Evaluation performed by Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Intended Parents Psychological Evaluation
  • Egg Donor Extended Evaluation including Intelligence Testing
  • Professional Consultation Fee to the Intended Parents if Psychiatric Evaluation is needed
  • Consultation with Intended Parents and Surrogate
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